Fenix, Richmond

We don’t often do reviews around these parts, but every so often there is a spectacular restaurant that simply must be shared with you all. This one is an old favourite. Almost every time we’re in Melbourne, we’ll make a point of getting to this place. It’s not very far out of the city but the views over the Murray River and the setting make you feel like you’re a thousand kilometres away from the hustle and bustle.

The staff are wonderfully friendly, attentive but not over bearing. Your wine or water is always topped up and you’re never waiting long with empty plates or tables. Their menu doesn’t have too many options and is kept up to date with what’s in season. Of course, the food is perfectly cooked, fancy without being over the top & will generally have something you haven’t tried before. As you can tell, we absolutely love this place.

A great meal to go for is Sunday lunch. They have a set, four course menu for a set price. Don’t worry about going home with room to spare, there really isn’t much chance of that happening.  The great thing is that you can just arrive, you don’t have to decide anything besides what wine to have with lunch and they’ll do the rest. We were there in early October & this was our Sunday lunch.

Octopus with spiced potato

This was a stand out for me, a cold dish but everything was cooked to perfection and so, so delicious. Would love to try this as a main.

Charcuterie Platter

Everybody likes cold meats! Well, I do.

House Spiced Nuts

Each nut had a different spice mix. My favourite was the pecans, slightly sweet with a fiery kick.

House cured olives

We counted 5 different types of olives in this mix and they were all delicious.

Pita & Hummus

This was amazing, so full of flavour and it was a really rich, thick hummus, nothing like the classic. So much better.

Mains Round 1

Swordfish & Slaw

I would not normally pick swordfish but it was really nice. Firm flesh, quite steak like & not an overpowering flavour.

Mains Round 2

Rocket & Lightly Pickled Onion Salad

a simple salad but a great combination of flavours, quite light against the strongly flavoured chicken.

Spiced Roasted Chicken with Pearl Couscous

A gorgeous dish with great flavour. I’d not tried pearl couscous before & I’ll be looking for it at the store.


Creme Brulee with Pistachio Toffee

The top cracked spectacularly and it wasn’t overly sweet – the toffee was chewy and a nice contrast to the brulee.

White Chocolate Mousse, Mango Ice cream, Passionfruit Jelly & Coconut

So many textures in a tiny glass, sweet but balanced, no sugar overload with all the different elements.

We shared a bottle of wine and left very content. The best thing is, we’ve been a number of times now and the service, food quality, ambience and experience is the same, every time.

If you’re in Melbourne and want to go out for a nice meal without the pretentious staff or prices – I highly recommend this place. I am sure it won’t let you down.

Fenix Restaurant


680 Victoria Street, Richmond, Vic, 3121

Ph: (03) 9427 8500


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