Little Sweet Baking – Dark Belgian Chocolate Brownies

Some days are not so great. Yesterday was one of those days. I won’t go on and on about it, suffice it to say, I’ve had better. You know what makes you feel better when you’re down? Indulging. What makes you feel even better? Making it up yourself in the blink of an eye!

When Littlesweet Baking wanted some food bloggers to trial her new Dark Belgian Chocolate Brownie mix, I was disappointed when I didn’t hear about it until the day after. Luckily for me, she’s an absolute darling and sent one in the post for me**. Monday pick me up, here we go!

It’s a gorgeous little pack that requires so little from your fridge and nothing from your pantry!

All you need is 2 eggs and a little butter, everything else is in the pack, including the dark chocolate buttons!

The label on the pack has the directions on the back and it’s as easy as


 Melt… (& add your vanilla if you like)



Wait until it’s cooled and then cut slices as big as you like! Great big pieces make a fantastic dessert while smaller pieces are perfect for lunch boxes.

If you wanted to get a little creative, you could add peppermint essence (especially around Christmas time), hazelnut liqueur, chopped nuts, swirl through a little dulche de leche or peanut butter… the possibilities are almost endless!

While I’m not a fan of the store packet mixes, this is not really a packet mix. Someone has just done the hard work for me by measuring out actual ingredients and put them in a nice, neat, uh… packet. Yes, I know that’s what a packet mix is, but you get my point! This is the perfect treat to keep tucked away in the cupboard for when Aunty Clara decides she wants to just drop by without warning you. Hostess with the mostess, yes you are! The best part is the quality, there are no cheap ingredients, the cocoa is DARK, the chocolate is DARK, the taste is wonderful and you just can’t fake that!

Thank you so much to Littlesweet Baking for allowing me to try out your Dark Belgian Chocolate Brownie Mix.

 ** The pack was provided for feedback purposes. We loved it and wanted to share it with you. We also believe in their company and what they are doing. 

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