Making Bread

A couple weeks back we spotted a pre-packed bread mix by a brand we’d never heard of. That’s always a good start, right? The thing that caught our eye was that it wasn’t just plain white bread, it was sourdough!! Home made sourdough for the weekend? It was too good to resist. The pack contains

Mr ColPanna made it up, let it rest, kneaded it out again and then popped it in a loaf tin to rise before baking. The weather was quite cool so it didn’t rise as much as it could have (we found out after making a second loaf) but it still looked pretty good. Oh – bonus – the Sourdough pack contains enough to make four loaves!

I’m sure you are well aware that there is very little that compares to oven fresh bread (or toasted) with a little butter. There just isn’t, it’s warm and crusty, perfect for soups, breakfast, snacking, whenever really. It’s just so delicious! We don’t tend to buy bread very often, but we went through the entire loaf in only a few days.

It turns out Laucke Flour Mills make a load of different packs! They even have a CWA Scone Mix! I’ve witnessed these being made as well as tasted them and I have to say – they’re amazing. They turn out just how you expect they should without having someone shout “don’t knead it too much!” or “STOP! You’re going to ruin them”.

For those of us that are gluten intolerant there are even options to suit! They have a GF Multigrain and a Special White as well. Not only do they have the bread mixes, they provide a list of recipes for each of these mixes like focaccia, wraps, rolls, pancakes and even cookies!

If you’re interested in making your own bread but aren’t quite sure where to start, I’d recommend these guys. The pre-packed mix means you can learn how to feel when the dough is ready, once you’re game enough to make your own bread from scratch (like Jacqui) you’ve got one less thing to contend with.

Have you seen these packs around?


10 thoughts on “Making Bread

  1. I make the Laucke loaves often – the crusty white is a definite favourite but the rye bread is also really nice. 🙂 I bought a pack of the Laucke pizza and foccacia flour at the Good Food and Wine show so will have to try making some foccacia soon!

    • Ooh, we’ll have to try the rye bread! And foccacia is one of those dangerous breads for me. I’m pretty sure I could eat an entire one in a single sitting! 🙂 x

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