Sharing is Caring

I’ve been trawling the internet lately and have stumbled upon some new blogs, ideas and just been generally inspired by people doing what they love.

This is included simply because it’s one of my favourite photos. Click through for the recipe.

Gin and Juniper. This is a new addition to my reading list. A Christchurch gal with a great blog, it’s simple and real. I like that.

I was pointed in the direction of this great DIY. Drumsticks! They’re simple to make, it’s easier to do a big batch and keep them in the freezer to satisfy that late night ice cream craving.

For Perth people, please check out Urban Locavore and get your hands on one of their boxes. This month has some amazing products and they’re really well thought out. We can’t wait to get ours and there’s only one left!

These gorgeous Brownie Cookies are way up on my “must bake” (& get right) list. I haven’t been able to forget them since they popped up in my reader the other day. I did make them, but they didn’t quite turn out, see? On the left, how they should be. On the right, how they turned out. It didn’t go to waste though. They were smashed through ice cream. Amazing.

What have you discovered recently?


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