Red Hot Spatula at the Subiaco Farmer's Market

Red Hot Spatula Special

Guess what! We have an amazing special offer from Red Hot Spatula. Yvonne & the crew have been lovely enough to give our readers a wonderful opportunity to get their hands on some of their fantastic products!

If you are a ColPanna fan and would like a taste of Red Hot Spatula’s Spice Emporium (and don’t particularly want to wait a month for the next market) – you get a special delivery deal!

Red Hot Spatula at the Subiaco Farmer's Market

Purchase 5 spice blends or more and you get your tasty lot of spices delivered to you for FREE. Plus you get a few special surprises in the bag! So get a few friends together, order your spice stash and enjoy them as soon as you can say “Delivery!!”

In the range you can choose from:

Laksa Paste 

A truly authentic laksa spice blend, twist the jar lid open and out wafts the opulent scent of laksa in it’s most intense form.

$10 for a 250ml jar 

Nonya Curry Paste 

A wonderful blend of aromats and spices from the home cooking styles of Singapore and Malaysian Peranakans. A perfect accompaniment to chicken, prawns or beef.

$8 for a 250ml jar

Hawker Curry Paste 

Mild yet packed with a spiced punch that would soothe any hungry soul. The Hawker Curry Paste is a vegetarian blend of spices and best cooked with lentils, chickpeas and an assortment of vegies. Perfect with a hot roti!

$8 for a 250ml jar

Red Thai Curry 

You would think you were on the sidewalk stalls of Bangkok with this spicy hit treat. Filled with the Thai pantry staples of lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime and shrimp paste, it’s a holiday in a bottle.

$10 for a 250ml jar

Hainanese Chicken Rice Blend 

Don’t like spice? Then try our Hainanese Chicken Rice Blend. Pop it into a rice cooker, rice, water and voila, your Chicken Rice is on it’s way, all you need to do is to steam the chicken!

$10 for a 250ml jar

Red Hot Chilli Sauce 

Our grandmama passed this recipe down to us and by golly it’s a favourite. A fresh chilli sauce made with nuances of ginger, garlic and raisins – yes, we did say raisins – perfect condiment to go with your chicken rice 

$10 for a 250ml jar

I know which ones we’ll be ordering! You can get the work crew together and buy a couple each or buy them as gifts. What a great gift idea for new parents, someone that’s moved out of home or someone interested in trying something different.

Please note the following:

  • You can order the spices by calling them direct on 0419 209 290 or emailing Yvonne.
  • Delivery will only be confirmed upon payment. Internet Banking Details will be provided.
  • Delivery to certain areas and within a 25km limit of Perth.
  • The promotion will run till 31 July 2012.

Enjoy and please let me know how you go with them!


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