Absent Baking

Hi All!

It’s been a really long time since I posted. That’s not to say I haven’t been cooking. I’ve been cooking LOADS! We had a Halloween party a couple weekends back, we had bat wings, worms in dirt, swamp water, dragon’s blood, witch fingers, an undead cake as well as sweet AND savoury intestines. Don’t worry, they were all edible. When you’ve got one day to make all of the above, you tend to leave the camera behind, until it’s all finished. Don’t worry, I’ll put the photos up & if you want the recipes, I’ll do those too.

I also made a cherry ripe cheesecake for Mr Col Panna’s birthday. It wasn’t quite how I wanted it, but all that tried it were very pleased! I’ll post the original recipe, how I made it & how I’d make it in the future, all in one, that’s three recipes!

In other news, we’ve started a neat little side business, baking treats for cafes! I thought I’d share one of our most recent batches:  “Rabbet Cakes” you can see at the top, they looked so perfect, with their little domes and paper dresses. Don’t you think?

Of course, it’s not really a Rabbet Cake without cream cheese icing, is it? I tried out a new icing technique and I just love it!

There will be more recipes coming soon. I promise!


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