Ice Cream!

While travelling the European countryside we ate a lot of ice cream. It was delicious. We even had a sorbet that was creamy! Perfect! While I’m a major ice cream nut I never really had a favourite. In our travels we found out it’s Amarena, vanilla ice cream with a sour cherry swirl through it. It’s rather refreshing.

I think the yellow one up top is “Malaga” (like rum and raisin), the Chocolate one was named after a town, if I recall correctly.

Lemon sorbet is always one to try, but it’s hard to find a great one. But we managed to do that too. Please, if you get the chance, visit Portovenere on the northwest coast of Italy (near the Cinque Terre). It has the best ice cream I have ever tasted!

Oh, and I finally ‘got’ the pistachio ice cream ‘thing’. It’s an odd concept, to me. Salty nuts… in an ice cream? Huh? Again, after a couple of goes, I realised what everyone else had discovered a long time ago. It’s wonderful!

This is Stracciatella (vanilla & choc chip), Watermelon & Pistachio from La Mia Gelateria in Portovenere.

On the weekend Mama Bambola & I went shopping in the city, before we’d even got there Mama B was craving an ice cream. We headed to the only gelateria that made Italian style ice cream, only to find that it had closed! How!? Well, given we’re just coming out of winter may explain it, but still. Much to our dismay the only place we could find ice cream was Gelare, and while they and others like to think that they make great ice cream, they were very disappointing.

My immediate thought was “I have to open an ice cream shop!” If the other one closed though, what does that tell you about the Perth ice cream market…?

I’m curious though. If I *did* start up an ice cream shop, what flavours should I have?


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