Layer Cake Construction

You know how there are those ladies, bloggers and bakers that can make those amazing layer cakes? And they do it *all* the time? THEY are the pros. Me? I do this for kicks. That doesn’t mean you can leave the blog, no no, stick around.

My theory is, if I can do it, so can you! This is how I put together my little brother’s 21st Birthday Cake.

First step: get everything ready. Can we take that for granted? Every time, the first step is going to be ‘get everything ready’. Not pictured below is the mousse, but it’s there. The IMBC needs to come to room temperature, so it’s just sitting there until it warms up and ready to be whipped up again. Oh, and of course the cake, we can’t have a layer cake without the cake can we?

A lazy Susan it makes for easy icing and having the cake on some baking paper means it’s portable once it’s finished. Luckily enough the first cake was flat, so we started with the mousse.

Then for some fun, add in some Maltesers. Why not?

Of course, you have to tidy up those edges.

A must is some more mousse on top, to make sure the middle layer is even. This is where a glass of hot water comes in handy. The mousse will stick to the palette knife. The heat ensures it doesn’t, at least for a while. Then you clean & heat it up again.

This goes into the fridge to set. You need the mousse to be firm enough to hold up the second layer of cake to go on.

Now, there are tools to ensure a perfectly straight cake cut, for those that don’t rise quite perfectly. This can be done with a cool cake, two people and a sharp bread knife. Take it slowly & keep checking as you even it out.

Then plonk (or place) the cake, bottom side up, on the mousse layer. Push the top layer of cake down gently so it  squishes into the mousse. If the mousse is forced out, that’s fine. You’d rather it happen now, than once it’s iced, right? Just tidy up those edges and keep gently pushing until you’re happy with how it’s sitting.

Unfortunately I failed to get photos of putting the IMBC on the cake. It follows the same principles. If you have the time, do a thin coat first & put it back in the fridge. This will make the outer layer go on smoothly and much more easily.

If you’re great with a piping back, go nuts, make it a bit more fancy. This was a boy’s birthday cake, so I kept it simple.

Once you’re all done, pop it back into the fridge until about half an hour before you’re ready to serve it.

What do you think? Do-able?

I say yes.

Then you get to cut it up and eat it!

The Maltesers don’t tend to break under the knife so they squished the cake a bit. I don’t think anyone noticed, they were too taken with finding them in the cake.


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