Birthday Cake

Hi Folks!

Happy Monday! I’d love to have a recipe for you, but this weekend has been ridiculously full! I will get the recipe for the mousse and the cake to you this week. I hope!

This is what I spent my Friday night and Saturday creating. It turned out just as perfectly as I’d hoped!

Two layers of vanilla cake with a decadent chocolate mousse in the middle. I’ve got photos to show you, promise!

Updated to show you the inside!

Now, I also have to tell you that as of next week, I’m going to be away on holidays. This means that posts are going to be a little bit sparse. If you would like to write a post for Col Panna, I’d love that, I truly would! Keri, Kim & Vanessa I’m thinking of you guys 😉 But no pressure, honest!

I’ll try to post photos of the food we’re eating while we’re out and about soaking up the northern Summer!

What have YOU been cooking lately?


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