Hot Chocolate

Now that winter is pretty much here, the evenings call for mugs of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. Just picture it, snuggled up on the couch under a blanket, warming your hands on a mug of beautiful chocolate gold. Perfect.

A real hot chocolate is not powder and hot milk. You know when you go to a restaurant, order a hot chocolate and you have to stir it every thirty seconds to get the chocolate to mix? That’s not cool. I’m not paying $4.50 so you can stir some powdered stuff I could buy at the shop into some hot milk. I want a real hot chocolate dammit!

Sorry, I get a bit carried away when it comes to hot chocolates. If you’ve ever been to Europe you’ll know that an Australian hot chocolate isn’t really a hot chocolate. It’s a warm milk drink flavoured with some chocolate. I haven’t found a recipe for the real stuff, but what I do know is that it should be thick and served in a small mug and stick to the sides of your throat as you swallow it. Ok, that sounds strange, but it’s not, go to Europe and try it! Trust me. Heaven.

See? Well, that looks like a lot of cream, but trust me, under there is the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. And do you know where I got it? Verona. Italy. *sigh* (This Ciocolato Caldo Col Panna is where this little blog gets it’s name from!)

I’m getting distracted again. This hot chocolate recipe is a mix of the European and the Australian. There’s no trace of powder and it’s deliciously creamy.

You take some chocolate (add the white chocolate if you have it, just a bit).

And some cream.

Add them to a pan with some milk.

Then stir over a medium heat.

When the chocolate has melted, pour into a mug, you should really pour it into two. Hot chocolate for two is just as good as hot chocolate for one.

Then add some marshmallows. I got a bit carried away…

It’s way too sweet with that many marshmallows. Trust me.

Hot Chocolate

Serves 2

  • 1/2 C cream
  • 1/2 C milk
  • 100g chocolate, broken up*
  1. Put all ingredients into a pot and stir over a medium heat.
  2. Once all chocolate is melted pour it into two mugs.

* If you have white chocolate, just add a couple of squares (20-30g). This changes the flavour very slightly but it’s an enhancement, trust me.


  • Believe it or not, adding cream to chocolate makes it sweeter, if you’re not a big fan of overly sweet things, try making it with dark chocolate in place of the milk.
  • To make it lighter and a little less rich, try 1/4 C cream and 3/4 C milk. If using skim or hilo milk, you really need to keep the cream in there to make it a real hot chocolate.

How do you have your hot chocolate?


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