Goldilocks Profiteroles

Also known as profiteroles, when they’re executed correctly. I thought I’d share a kind of screw up. We all have them, right?

I’ve never made a choux pastry, I’ve thought it complex, but have also been told otherwise. After my attempts, I will say it is a little from column A and a little from column B. It’s easy to make but there’s a little trial and error to get them cooked right. When the recipe says 20-30 minutes cooking time for what are, essentially, balls of air it makes sense to pay attention.

My main worry was that they would burn, so the first tray I only cooked for 20 minutes before I took them out to poke a hole in and rebake. I’ve decided to spare myself the shame of showing you colourless, flat profiteroles.

The next tray I cooked for 25 minutes before taking them out for the hole-y rebake deal. They turned out, well, rather dark.

Excuse the chunk missing, I had to do a taste test.

The final tray, of a numerous THREE profiteroles got it right. 23 minutes for the first bake. Take them out and poke a hole. Then another bake for 3 minutes. They were lightly golden, airy and slightly crisp.

Seeing as I was wanting to take these to work, I want to call it a fail, however I did learn the exact timings for a perfect batch next time. That’ll make it about even, right?

Oh, the fact I have three perfect profiteroles and just the right amount of cream to finish these off properly? I might even call that a win!


One thought on “Goldilocks Profiteroles

  1. I’ve always been intimidated by the whole profiterole idea! Third time lucky, huh?
    They look great – now you’ll have amazing batches of them next time – sometimes I find you have to figure out how your oven will cook stuff in its own way. I have found that baking more has taught me about my oven’s quirks.

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