Pepper Crusted Steak

Ok, I know steak doesn’t really fit in to the “Col Panna” theme, but I couldn’t walk past them at the store and just had to come up with something delicious for you.

Hang on, steak and cream? Steak with a pepper sauce – that has cream in it, right? Well I could have made one but I didn’t. I made something better.

Pepper Crusted Steak

A while back we found some pink peppercorns (not actually pepper) at Kakulas. They were pretty so I insisted we buy some. Since then, they’d sat in the drawer doing absolutely nothing. What do you do with pink peppercorns!? I had no idea. To the Google machine. I found out that they’re very delicate, not very peppery and have a very soft flavour. They’re good for fruit sauces and vinigarettes.

Well that’s all well and good but I’m not one for the rule book, so I decided to use them in combination with black peppercorns and make a pepper crusted steak. It was a good decision.

It’s not all that hard to make. You just take some peppercorns.

Then you crush them up, relieve some stress. You know how to use a mortar and pestle, right? Of course you can use a spice grinder, one of Jamie Oliver’s shaker things or a stick blender. The mortar and pestle is just fun and easy to clean.

Once they’re done, you rub some good olive oil on your steak. I used a basil and tomato olive oil, just for some extra flavour.

Then coat one side with all that peppercorn mixture. Some will fall off and that’s ok.

Cook it on a smoking hot griddle or barbecue. These were sirloin steaks, about an inch thick. They took about 3 minutes per side for medium doneness. Of course, let them rest before you serve them so they’re all juicy and delicious. A little bit of salt and serve!

The pink peppercorns are visually effective and with the black peppercorns make for a really nice, but not overpowering peppery flavour.

Pepper Crusted Steak

Serves 2

  • 2 sirloin steaks (1 inch thick) at room temperature (feel free to use which ever steak you like)
  • 2 T pink peppercorns
  • 1 T black peppercorns
  • 3 T Olive Oil
  • Salt
  1. Cover steaks on bothe sides with olive oil.
  2. Crush peppercorns until they resemble coarse crumbs.
  3. Rub and press crushed peppercorns onto one side of each steak until covered.
  4. Preheat the griddle, frying pan (don’t use non stick as it has to be very hot) or barbecue until smoking hot.
  5. Place steaks, peppered side down for 3 minutes.
  6. Turn steaks over for another 2-5 minutes depending on your preference of done-ness.
  7. Rest for 3 minutes and salt lightly before serving.

Serve with buttered potatoes and a salad.


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