All That Food

Would you believe I spent most of my entire weekend around food?

Saturday morning I went to visit The Family, we started the olive process (depitting them with beer bottles and getting rather messy in the process), I made rice porridge for Padre because he loves the stuff, Mother Dearest and I made a coconut mango pannacotta that I never got to try; they were all very happy to tell me how good it was though. Did I get any photos of all of these? No. There could have been some great ones too.

The Man got in from his work trip so we flew home, changed and got ready for a cruise down in Mandurah. We treated ourselves to dinner at M on the Point. No photos of any of that either. However I did get a photo of the gorgeous looking macaron that came with The Man’s coffee.

Then Sunday, I worked in The Cafe all morning, making breakfast for lots of people, including family and friends. We were out with friends that afternoon as well. There wasn’t much time for breathing this weekend. Sunday evening, saw two very tired people want to crash on the couch. So we made some oven baked wedges. I was supposed to make them, however the knife in my hand saw fit to slice off some of my finger. (I won’t show you the picture of that one) I resorted to one handedly putting the salad together while The Man made the wedges. We cheated slightly on the salad by buying a prepacked one, but it’s $5.00 and it’s tasty.

This week I am planning to do Pasta e Fagioli at the request of a friend. I’m also wanting to try a meringue based dessert, however we only have a hand held beater, so we’ll see. Brownies are also on the cards. Who doesn’t love brownies? Oh, I’d like to make Pad Thai too, I’ve recently found a recipe to try. Lastly a pork belly recipe. I’m not a huge fan of pork, but I’ve been inspired lately.

Anything you’d like to see?


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