Monday Sweetness

Happy Monday all!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a recipe for you today. However, can I direct you to a recipe I’ve tried and love!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownie Doesn’t that sound fantastic and slightly strange? That’s what weekend cooking should be about! Trying out new things and combinations. You can do the ‘normal’ stuff during the week.

I first discovered it on Joy the Baker’s blog (she’s one of my favourites) and thought the combination was just strange enough to be absolutely delicious. This was at the start of the salty-sweet craze that’s going on at the moment. Salted caramel ice cream, peanut butter iced chocolate cakes, you know the craze I’m talking about. If you haven’t sucumbed yet, you should. It’s grand!

There aren’t any good photos as there was no time. I just had to get these tasty morsels in the oven! I used a tray bigger than Joy’s, so if you’re making this in a bigger pan (9x12in), I would highly reccomend doubling the brownie component of this recipe. If not, only bake it for thirty minutes.

That’s the only image I have for you I’m afraid. They were too delicious to spend time fussing about with a camera of all things!

The recipe is simple and the ingredients are not difficult to find.

For all the instructions and the glorios photos, go visit Joy. You’ll be glad you did.

P.S. This is an acquired taste. Not everyone likes the sweet/salty combination. I’m not quite sure what’s wrong with them, but hopefully they’ll come to like it eventually. The people who do, will love this.


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