Well hi there!

Welcome to my humble abode in among the countless others on the internet. Having some spare time, a passion for cooking, a decent camera and a love of writing, I thought it best to start putting all of those things to good use. So I’m starting a food blog. Yes, there are thousands of them out there, but just because the idea isn’t an original one, doesn’t mean my trials and errors (and successes) are any less documentable.

So here goes!


At the moment I’m cooking lots of different things, mainly sweet stuff. I don’t have a particularly big sweet tooth, but they’re often a lot of fun to make and are always very well received. Recently, I’ve made a chocolate layer cake with buttercream icing and a marble layer cake. Then it was the cinnamon pullapart loaf, which admittedly, didn’t quite work, but at least I know what to do next time.

‘Col Panna’ is Italian for “with cream”. When ordering a hot chocolate in winter, the waitstaff often ask “col panna?”. It’s an indulgence, but it’s divine! So perhaps that’s what this little space will put on show, the indulgent things we treat ourselves (and our friends, family, colleagues) with.



One thought on “Welcome

  1. it will be so much nicer–less tantalizing, i mean!–to hear about your kitchen stories on FB and flickr now that there’ll be full documentation here!

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